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Sky-High Passion…! 

Have you ever been to the Astronomy and Space Museum? Have you seen shows from the Planetarium before? We are happy if your journey among stars and planets has been – or will be – exciting, because this is our mission here at Infini.to. The first person you will meet at the Ticket Office at the entrance is Stefano and Anna; maybe you have already e-mailed or talked to him on the phone to organize your tour. He is the one who will tell you what activities are available, and who advises the best combinations considering the time and date you are available, or for type of group. Downstairs in the interactive museum you will meet our science popularizers: Marco, Emanuele, Roberta, Jonida Lorenzo. You will probably find them intent on giving instructions about how to access an exhibit, or talking about Mars, the Moon, or a thousand other Sky related topics with our visitors: they are all science graduates with experience in education and training. What is most important is they want to share their love for the Cosmos and all it holds with you. They are will tell you about the sky in the digital Planetarium during the projection of the shows and comment them live. They are always there for you at the telescope, ready to convey their knowledge about Saturn’s rings and many other celestial bodies with emotion. You will also meet Simona & … Simona, in charge of organizing scientific and educational activities, events and communication for Infini.to. Their work mostly takes place in the office, but both are also expert scientific popularizers.You might hear them, and chat, sometimes on our social channels. Special events will help you meet Eleonora, our Director, and Antonaldo, our President. In the Museum you can also meet interns, trainees, students on school-work programs, or volunteers of the Friends’ of the Planetarium. You will easily recognize us: we wear the Infini.to logo on our blue shirts. You may also recognize the twinkle in our eyes, the spark of curiosity, as we see describing the sky as a privilege, we are passionate about it and consider it a wonderful adventure.



Finally, there are some people you will never meet, who work behind the scenes and enable Infini.to to operate: Paola, our Admin Manager, and Diego, our technical engineer.