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Welcome Desk

The Museum has an unmanned cloakroom. Toilets on floor -3 of the Museum are equipped with baby changing facilities.

A lunch and snack area with tables and benches awaits you in Infini.to’ at Level – 3.


Infini.to is fully accessible to wheelchair users using lifts and ramps, and inside the Planetarium conference hall there are dedicated places for wheelchair users.

Free admission to the Museum and the Planetarium for disabled visitors and the accompanying person upon presentation of your disability badge at the ticket office.


The Museum Star Coffee House offers visitors a café service and snacks. The service is available on weekends and during evening events.

A Museum entrance ticket is required to access the cafeteria. The space is equipped with tables and chairs; an outdoor terrace area is also available.


The Museum’s bookshop, where you will find items to carry the charm of the Universe back home with you: 3D postcards, educational games and devices for astronomy.

Museum staff are also pleased to illustrate a selection of astronomy books for all age groups: from children’s picture books to curiosities to take back to school, sky charts and myths of constellations, as well as insights into the most intriguing mysteries of the Cosmos.